Carr & Day & Martin® Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish


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Carr & Day & Martin® Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish Equimist 360

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish gives a high shine finish and can be used on the body, mane and tail.  For best shine results when used on the body wipe with a microfibre mitt or cloth to leave a very high shine and you stand out from the crowds at shows.

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish comes in 2 sizes: 600ml Equimist and a 1ltr conventional spray.

The equimist bottle is a revolution in spray bottles, it offers a continuous spray when the trigger is intermittently depressed.  Equimist is ideal around young or nervous horses as it has a quiet spray operation.  The equimist bottle can also be operated at any 360 degree angle due to it’s innovative design.


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